How to Sleep Better at Night

How to Sleep Better at Night

CBD and Sleep

Sleep is a primary aspect of everyday life. While almost everyone knows about the importance of sleep, many still struggle to get the necessary sleep. The National Sleep Foundation notes that approximately one in ten Americans choose sleep over fitness, work, hobbies, social life, etc. In this article, you will learn more about the importance of sleep and tips to make you sleep better.

Before we dive deep, here are some basic steps to support your sleep:  

  • Consult your physician to resolve any issues with sleep apnea
  • Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule to stay healthy
  • Use meditation and exercise to reduce stress  

What is circadian rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is the body’s cycle of activities in the last 24 hours, powered by the brain’s internal clock. The circadian rhythm consists of the sleep-wake cycle, which reads your environment and routines but is mostly linked to daylight and night. The presence of light makes the brain tell our system to become up and alert. Darkness makes the brain communicate to our system that it’s time for sleep and generates melatonin through our systems.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Most people find difficulties sleeping. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are more than 100 million Americans – in a nation of about 330 million – who are not getting sufficient sleep. Approximately 70 million of these Americans suffer from sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, or narcolepsy.

Furthermore, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that about 30 percent of adults 18 and older get less than seven hours of sleep per night. This percentage increases as you move to different regions with a high of 40% on the East Coast.

Perhaps you are among the 30% of Americans who are lacking in sleep but still live life normally. You may not experience any effects, but the absence of sleep may impact your body in several ways you don’t realize. 

People who sleep for less than seven high chance to have heart disease, stroke, asthma, COPD, cancer, arthritis, depression, and diabetes. The CDC notes that people who get sufficient sleep (seven or more hours) have a low chance to become obese or sedentary, smoking, or drinking too much alcohol.

How Does CBD Help with Sleep?

There are several things to consider concerning CBD and sleep. Firstly, you must be consistent. CBD can work as an effective sleep aid if taken consistently.

Begin by consuming CBD at the same time each day and ensure to make it part of your daily routine. The first month is very significant, as studies on CBD for sleep shows that it's very effective for sleep.

Daily stress can also primarily contribute to a lack of sleep. CBD is known to promote a sense of calmness and focus. Several studies show that CBD won’t influence your sleep architecture. Therefore, if you’re already a good sleeper, consuming CBD during the day won’t harm your internal schedule around sleep.

How can you fix your sleep schedule?

Many people usually visit a doctor for sleep problems like sleep apnea or narcolepsy. However, if you are still unable to get a good night’s rest, after visiting a doctor, consider trying to reset your sleep schedule. Most of the solutions to your sleep problem lie within you. Doing several activities can help enhance your ability to get a good night’s rest. Here are some factors you can change:

  • Schedule times and commit to them: You sleep at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning for 6 months. This anchors your sleep and wake time in your circadian rhythm and helps you sleep and wake up more easily.
  • Switch off electronics 30 minutes before bed: When it’s sleep time, the body secretes melatonin to ensure good sleep. However, using your smartphone or tablet during this period can interfere with melatonin’s calming effect.
  • Control your light patterns: Accommodate yourself with bright and natural light in the mornings and avoid bright light in the evenings.
  • Skip those tempting naps: It can make it harder for you to stay asleep at night. If you need to nap, try to keep it to under 30 minutes; longer naps can interfere more, and they’ll leave you groggy.
  • Get regular exercise: Regularly exercising can facilitate deeper and sounder sleep. Just do moderate aerobic exercise for thirty minutes. However, avoid exercising several hours before bedtime because it can overstimulate you leading to the opposite effect.
  • Invest in your sleep environment: If streetlights interfere with the darkness in your room, then try buying blackout shades. Also, if your room is filled with club noises in the night then buy white noise. A bed is the most important investment to get good sleep. If you don’t have a bed or sleep on a bare mattress then it might affect your sleep.
  • Avoid eating or drinking right before bed: After eating your last meal, wait a couple of hours before bedtime. This will allow your digestive system to balance all the food making it easier to fall asleep. Also, avoid alcohol at night because it upsets your circadian rhythm.
  • Avoid caffeine past late afternoon: While caffeine can disrupt your sleep pattern, most people use it to get through daily activities. However, it’s not recommended to consume caffeine later in the day because it can interfere with sleep.
  • Start practicing meditation: Research shows start meditation cleanses the mind, improving the effects of insomnia, especially mindfulness meditation. The Sleep Foundation notes that medication relaxes the mind and helps to manage stress or anxiety.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Sleep?

When it comes to selecting the best product for you, it helps to understand how each option was designed to fit into your routine.

  1. Blast Sleep - 1500mg CBD + Melatonin tincture

CBD tincture is a great and easy way to bring full-spectrum hemp extract into your daily routine. All our tinctures contain Full Spectrum Hemp Extract plus naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, melatonin, and more in each serving.

You can easily mix our tincture with your favorite food or drink. If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend trying our Sleep - 1500mg CBD + Melatonin 30 minutes before sleep, place 1ml (50mg CBD & 2mg Melatonin) under your tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing. Do not take more than 1ml per day.

  1. Blast Blue Raspberry + Melatonin gummy

Gummies are an easy way to gain the benefits of CBD. With our Blast CBD Gummies, you will have a natural sleeping aid, melatonin, with the power of blue Raspberry to promote sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that controls our circadian rhythm cycles. It comes from the pineal gland about two hours before sleep time. Factors like alcohol, blue light, and tend to block melatonin production. With our gummies, you still get sound sleep even after alcohol. Each pack contains 300mg CBD / 20mg CBD per gummy.

Final Thoughts

We have provided the best CBD products for sleep. Nonetheless, always consult a health care provider before beginning any supplement routine.


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